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SAKURA IN STONE: Victoria’s Japanese Legacy

SAKURA IN STONE: Victoria’s Japanese Legacy
by Gordon & Ann-Lee Switzer
published by TI-JEAN PRESS
includes index, endnotes
over 60 historic and modern photographs
ISBN 978-1-896627-22-9
102 pages paperbound

SAKURA IN STONE: VICTORIA’S JAPANESE LEGACY is the second book on the subject of Japanese Canadian pioneers to be released by Gordon and Ann-Lee Switzer. This new work contains myth-shattering new research to give an answer to who was the first Japanese immigrant to reach Canada and stay to make Canada his home.

The book is divided into three sections. The first review and updates the history of the Japanese Canadian presence in British Columbia,s Capital City.The second part names the first true settler from Japan to reach Victoria and make Canada his home. The last section contains stories of some of the Japanese pioneers buried in Ross Bay Cemetery: their adventures, achievements and sometimes tragic deaths.